GA-Pre K Services

Sundance Academy is an authorized GA-Pre K learning center. Georgia’s Pre-K program is an educational initiative funded by the Georgia lottery. This program offers a learning environment that helps learners to be ready for kindergarten and elementary schools.

Infant Care Services

When your child is an infant, it’s an important time in their care and rearing. But with busy work and social schedules, it can be a challenge to fulfill your obligations and provide quality care. That’s why our center is here to help with our infant services options. Each of our caregivers is trained and certified in helping infants find that care they need to stay healthy and happy. From feeding to nursing to changing diapers, we are here to provide top quality care while you take care of your business or social needs. So call now to see how we can help.

Toddler Care Services

In the early stages of a child’s life, there’s a lot of time and care that’s required to see to their well being. But with work schedules being what they are, there are times when we need help to fulfill these basic needs. For parents like you, our center provides full 5-star care services. We do everything that’s required to keep your child in the very best care possible. With our variety of service packages and offers, you can even customize the experience to your child’s needs. So call today.

Three Year Old Care Services

As your child moves out of the toddler stage, we are still here every step of the way to help you and your child in receiving the best learning opportunities and outcomes available. Our services are carefully designed to develop every child, no matter what the age, so they are nurtured and challenged in preparation for later life. We are sure that the care your child receives will positively enhance their journey as a child.

Summer Camp & Holiday Camp

If your children have ever complained about being bored during the summer or holiday breaks, then you know why parents all around have brought their children to our summer and holiday camps. These camps are a fun way for your children to spend time staying active and engaged with others to help build their fitness and social skills. Our camp counselors are trained and certified to provide quality care and can even teach valuable lessons that will help your children become better as they grow. So call now to learn more about our camps.

Before and After Care

Sundance Academy offers Aftercare and Before care for Pre-K and Elementary students. After care is a childcare for the period between the end of the school day and the end of a parent's working day. Before care , is a childcare for the period between before school day and start of parent's working day.